About Me

” ‘Earth’ without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh’. “

2014, in Buffalo, NY my journey as a photographer began as a hobby of capturing nature’s details and landscapes. After a year of admiration for this craft, it became a goal of mine to follow this passion and make it into something more. In 2016 shortly after moving to Raleigh, NC I found myself a job as a Night Life Photographer. Behind the lens, I had the opportunity to photograph people and talent at events, and shows throughout the city. This created a growing obsession with making people smile and learning their stories.

Through networking, hard work, and dedication my image started to take off. In 2021, I officially became a Published Photographer in North Carolina. Today I continue to take photos of families, models, brands, and events along the East Coast of North Carolina. 

I do not specialize in one style of photography, I find it all has a time and place. In Portrait, Fashion & Editorial shoots I find the most creative inspiration to try new things. In Couple and Family photos, I get to capture love and memories. Sport and Hobby photography motivates me to stay on my toes and allows me the opportunity to watch others in their own element. It makes me smile behind the lens when I am able to help others express themselves, smile, and simply have fun on any of these occasions. 

The Infinite Vizionz tab on this website is a graphic art brand I started in 2018. These expressions of Vizual Art are photographs I have taken of others or myself  and manipulated with Photoshop. I have also had the ability to create logos, flyers, and Surreal Art for other businesses and myself. Graphic Design is just another way I am grateful I get to express my ideas.

Art is omnipresent. When I create with either medium, I become completely in the moment and let the beauty of life inspire me and my art. I hope I can inspire you.

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